Savvy Saturday 15

During the course of a week, I often find new story ideas sauntering past as I go about my daily business. Normally, I acknowledge them with a polite and interested nod of my head then keep walking, as I have somewhere to be or something else to write. However, I always wish that I could stop and chat with them to see what kind of story they might turn out to be. In this week’s Savvy Saturday, I’m introducing some of them to the world (that would be you). Perhaps you’d like to get to know one or two, and tell me about them?

For the less metaphorically minded of you out there, think of these as writing prompts from my brain. 🙂

–          A mature woman with grown children finally reveals her latent magical powers and goes “back to school” to learn how to properly use and control her magic.

–          Language as a conduit of magical power: different languages inherently harness magical essence differently, leading to certain cultures valuing and using different kinds of magic because of the language they speak – and the inevitable conflicts that happen when people from different groups attempt to communicate. (Might this turn into a Romeo and Juliet-style love story?)

–          A group of ancient history nerds on a tour in the wilds of Egypt are magically transported back in time to ancient Egypt, where their knowledge of religion, royalty, and history-that-hasn’t-yet-unfolded embroils them in conflict with the ruling class, priesthood, and scholars

–          A child kidnapped and raised for a few years by fairies is then given to the chief of dragons as part of a peace treaty. He is raised as a son of the dragons, to be a mediator between them and the fairies when he comes of age. All plans are jeopardized, however, when he meets another boy about his age from the human lands, whose ideas of right and wrong and destiny and choice are both shocking and appealing…

If any of these interest you, or inspire you to come up with other story ideas, post in the comments or on Facebook! I’d love to hear what types of ideas tip their hats to you as you pass in the hall.

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