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The Quest of the Unaligned (BorderStone Press 2013)

The Quest of the Unaligned

In the city of Tonzimmel, where hover-cars zip over anonymous crowds, contracts are king, and education is everything, Alaric has worked hard to make a decent life for himself. As a level nine security chief, he needs no one and nothing, and is in control of his fate. Or so he thinks.

When a stranger from neighboring Cadaeren suddenly appears, however, babbling of magic, quests, and long-lost princes, Alaric finds himself contractually obligated to undertake a journey that his training hasn’t prepared him for: the Quest of the Unaligned. Accompanied by Laeshana, a Cadaerian native who has reasons of her own for helping him on his quest, Alaric is soon plunged into a perilous adventure that will force him to confront a seemingly impossible truth and embrace his destiny, even as the fate of Cadaeren hangs in the balance.

Adalaends (unpublished)

A science fiction novel set during the time of the Pharaohs, detailing the founding and collapse of Adalaends, the island of truth.

Short Stories:


Set in the world of The Quest of the Unaligned:


Forced Negotiations: A flash fiction story in which a band of Tonzimmelian criminals attempt to “negotiate” with the city’s first aesh.

Up in Flames: Can Aeshdan, newly moved to Tonzimmel from Cadaeren, survive the challenges of the city’s bureaucracy and job placement testing?

Fire, Water, Air, and Pigs: Unfortunately, the Quest of the Unaligned isn’t the first time that Naruahn has seen trouble… *Reader note: this story may give minor spoilers for the novel The Quest of the Unaligned.

Noble Memories: A fairy tale retelling with a Cadaerian twist! To unlock this story of magic and true love, you must first master the Cadaerian Christmas Challenge quiz.

Set in other worlds:

A Sampling of Sadistics: When a student prepping for her statistics final slips and hits her head, she is transported to the strange world of Academia, where if the air doesn’t drive you mad, the puns certainly will.

Works in Progress:

The Prince’s Crown (tentative title)

A prequel to The Quest of the Unaligned.

As the Stars Danced 

A novella set in the tribal fantasy world of Alepago, where the sun, stars, and animals are as sentient as the three humanoid races that dwell on the face of Mother Earth.


A new world, a new adventure. In the preliminary writing stage.