Character Interview: Alaric and Naruahn

Alaric and Naruahn got interviewed by Brandy Jellum! See Alaric’s report below. 🙂


I had a surprisingly enjoyable experience today – my first interview with a blogger from Earth. We conducted it via video Skype, our usual method of communicating with people from your world. Phillips had arranged the interview, for the purpose of getting Laeshana’s and my story out to a wider audience than she could on her own.

What I hadn’t counted on was Naruahn being there. I had known that he was visiting the City of Balance today, but I hadn’t remembered that Laeshana was busy all day with Royal Dress-fittings. (She hates them, but it’s something she puts up with to keep a modicum of peace between her and the nobles who think the princess should have a new dress every month or two.)

Naturally, Naruahn wanted to spend the day with me rather than Laeshana, and that meant that he had to come with me to the interview. And once you get Naruahn in a room with someone asking questions…well, let’s just say that it was his interview just as much as mine.

Actually, that might all be for the good. I’m still not naturally predisposed to answering personal questions, an area in which Naruahn excels.

In the end, I think it all went rather well. You can judge for yourself, though – the interview can be found here.

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