Ultimate Reading Quest

Welcome, all seekers of adventure and magic! Welcome, all heroes and heroines, detectives and explorers, mermaids and hunters and knights and knaves. Welcome…to the Ultimate Reading Quest!

My name is A.L. Phillips, and I’m one of the many novelists who has been invited to take part in the Ultimate Reading Quest. I was excited to hear about the opportunity to join this adventure, because quests are a topic I’m pretty familiar with! My fantasy novel, The Quest of the Unaligned, is all about a young man named Alaric who’s tricked into going on a quest by a crazy old mage who’s convinced he’s a prince. (Actually, Alaric IS a prince, and he can use magic too, but he doesn’t know it yet.)

The Ultimate Reading Quest is an adventure designed for readers from ages 8 to 14 to find new books by independent or small-press authors that are in genres that are of interest to them, such as historical fiction, humor, and fantasy. Just click the button below to get started! Then, as a reward for finishing the quest, enter your name in the Ultimate Reading Quest Raffle below for a chance to win an Amazon gift card or other great prize! Ready? Then let’s go on a quest!

The ULTIMATE READING QUEST STARTS HERE! Click on this button to join the Ultimate Reading Quest. Find authors who write the kind of books you like!


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