Savvy Saturday – Christmas Treasure Hunt!

Happy December! It’s the month of giving, of joy to the world, and of intriguing interactive treasure hunts! What, you say? Intriguing interactive treasure hunts aren’t typically part of Christmas festivities? Well, they are now!

Twenty-five questions, ranging in difficulty from so-easy-a-badger-could-do-it to are-you-sure-a-hoshek-didn’t-make-this-up challenging, will be posted on this site and on Facebook between now and Christmas. Don’t worry – the answers to all the questions CAN be found on this website.

When you’ve completed the treasure hunt, the answers to the questions will be able to be used to unlock a password that you can use at this link to access an exclusive new story – a familiar fairy tale with a Cadaerian twist. (Impatient? View the first page of the story here!)

And, for a final bonus, anyone who is among the first three people to post a correct answer to any two of these questions on the A.L. Phillips Facebook page will get an additional bonus Christmas present! Yes, it will include extra writing. No, you won’t want to miss it. (So you could be first on one question and third on another, and you’d be eligible. If you’re fourth the first twenty-three times, however, you’ll need to post really fast in the last two or it won’t count!)

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Week 1 (belated)

Question 1: What is the name of the main character of The Quest of the Unaligned?

Question 2: What is this character’s job in Tonzimmel, including rank and company worked for?

Question 3: In Cadaeren, a mage aligned with earth is called a(n) ________, and the emblem of their contingent is a ____________.

Question 4: In what year was The Quest of the Unaligned published?

Question 5: What subject in college inspired A.L. Phillips to create the two cultures of Tonzimmel and Cadaeren?

Question 6: What language inspired the names and titles in The Quest of the Unaligned?

Do you know? Submit your guesses on the A.L. Phillips Facebook page – if you’re among the first three to answer any two questions right, you’ll find yourself on the list to receive a bonus Christmas present! Even if you don’t get the ruahk-speedy prize, however, remember to keep your answers handy: you’ll need them to unlock the fairy tale on Christmas Day! Good luck and happy treasure-hunting!

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