Merry Christmas!

hollyMerry Christmas to all! I hope your day is bright, peaceful, and filled with joy and love.

As my Christmas present to you, my faithful readers, I’m excited to share with you the culmination of the Cadaerian Christmas Challenge: a fairy tale I wrote this summer. You’ll find that it mirrors one of our own Brothers Grimm fairy tales quite closely, but with enough tweaks and twists to make it something new and wholly Cadaerian.

You can find the story, titled “Noble Memories,” on this website. However, as you’ll notice, it’s password protected. What’s the password, you ask? Take the Cadaerian Christmas Challenge quiz below and find out! There are 25 questions that will each give you one word of a final password riddle. This answer to this final riddle is the password to unlock “Noble Memories.”

If you don’t know the answer to one of the questions, open a new tab and look around on this website – all answers can be found somewhere on! Good places to check are the “Worlds” page, old blog posts, and my Cadaerian short stories.

It’s been a lot of fun to write and create this contest; I hope you enjoy the challenge and your Christmas present at the end. Merry Christmas, and happy reading!


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