Exciting News of an Academic Nature

Today I discovered, to my extreme delight, that The Quest of the Unaligned has been featured in the American Sociological Association’s official “Teaching/Learning Matters” newsletter! You can find the newsletter here (“Quest” is on page 7, with the other newly released sociology books). http://www2.asanet.org/sectionteach/v42n1.pdf

This is really exciting for me because it should give me the legitimacy I need to start approaching schools about using The Quest of the Unaligned in their curricula. As the feature in the newsletter says, “The Quest of the Unaligned is a fantasy novel designed to spark students’ interest in sociology in a new and unique way.” By giving sociology instructors an exciting story to use in class – a story that happens to come with built-in discussion and potential essay topics that will help students learn classic sociological principles – I hope to help make theory relevant to today’s students and fire their sociological

Of course, I’m also hoping that people will just truly enjoy the book. As an author, that’s always what I hope. But if it can help students learn and better understand the world and society around them, well, that’s a dream come true.

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