Savvy Saturday – Writing Prompts 2!

This week’s Savvy Saturday blog continues last week’s theme of inspiration and writing prompts – but this time, it’s in pictures!



Photo by Stefan Hefele

You can imagine the magician who lives in the tower built into that pillar, can’t you? With his power over water, he is most at home surrounded by the sea. There, alone in his tower, his frail physical body neither garners sympathy nor contempt, and greedy kings and meddling earth-sprites can’t hinder his studies and research. His one worry stems from the inaccessible larger mountainous island nearby. Hundreds of years ago, a wizard even mightier than he lived and died there – leaving behind only a castle blasted to rubble, and a powerful containment spell that wraps around the entire island. Year by year, however, the spell is weakening. Whatever caused that wizard’s death and shattered the castle is still trapped on that island, and when it is freed, no one knows just what it will do…




Photo by soundjack


“Earth and heavens, hear my call; fire and water, meet tonight!

Blast to ashes all who fear, Come and let dark swallow light!”

Face shrouded in shadow, hands extended toward the storm raging overhead, the cowled figure screams the invocation from the top of the tower built by long-dead kings. This spell predates them by a thousand years, and the fate that met them will soon meet the cowardly worms who betrayed him. Even as his voice combines with the thunder raging around him, he feels a thicker darkness gathering around the tower.

Muted shouts from below and the stamp of armored feet signal the arrival of the palace guard. Soon, the enchanter hears them pounding up the steps. Let them come. Their fear will consume them. He bares pointed teeth in anticipation, clenching his hands at the climax of his spell. He opens his hands. Thunder peals, shaking the tower from its foundations. As it gathers in strength, a vortex blacker than space itself begins to form in the sky. Now is the hour of my revenge. Now shall all who fear the darkness face it forever. Now! The vortex opens, pulling roofs off of houses with its strength. Screams suddenly fill the night, barely audible over the howling over the gale and the enchanter’s hissing laughter. Nothing can stop him now…



 Photo by Gawain Jones

This, gentle readers, is the Rainbow Sea. The water of this ocean is so clear, the colors of the setting sun travel to its floor miles below, painting the merfolk’s houses and streets bright with pink and orange. Each night, the colors are absorbed into these living mother-of-pearl structures, and until the sun rises again, the streets and rooftops glow with its stored rainbow hue. Only one corner of the sea remains in shadow all night and all day: the Inky Crevice, where the only color that can be seen is the beady yellow of eyes that hate the sun…



How do these stories end? You tell me! Leave a comment below, and have a wonderful week of creativity!




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