Savvy Saturday 1

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first Savvy Saturday post!

What’s “Savvy Saturday,” you ask? Will there by pirates?

No guarantees on the second question, but Savvy Saturday is where I’ll respond to questions I get from you all! It may also include posts from Prince Alaric’s blog (, behind the scenes information about the lands of Cadaeren and Tonzimmel, or other as-yet-to-be-determined content.

The goal is for me to be able to interact with all of you awesome people, and fill in the details of the world of The Quest of the Unaligned that weren’t presented in the novel. I hope you enjoy, and please do submit your questions!

From Emily:

How does a Grove City College student get into the Cadaerian College of Magic? Can we transfer before finals?



Thanks for the question, Emily! A Grove City College student would need to follow the same procedures as any other interested applicant who wants to attend the College of Magic in Cadaeren.

The applicant would first need to find a willing sponsor from Cadaeren’s nobility, preferably in the same alignment as the applicant, who would write a letter of recommendation for him or her for admittance to the school. Next, the applicant would visit the College of Magic in the summer before he or she plans to matriculate, bringing with him or her the sealed letter from his or her sponsor. He or she would then present the letter in person to the head of the aesh, shamai, ruahk, or aretz contingent at the College of Magic.

After inspecting the letter, the mage of the applicant’s alignment would test the applicant in their shared field of magic, ensuring that the applicant had the basic skills required for admission. If not, the applicant is not admitted unless the letter of recommendation is incredibly persuasive. If the applicant has mastered basic magical skills, however, he or she is admitted to the College of Magic. The trick, as every student soon discovers, is not getting into the College of Magic, but remaining there beyond the first year.

As there is only one college that teaches magic in the entire kingdom of Cadaeren, the school has never had to accept transfer students. An exception might be made, however, if a transfer applicant brought with him or her a letter of recommendation and request for transfer from a sponsor with a high enough rank (i.e. a member of the Cadaerian royal house).

Best wishes on your future education!

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